Bajaj 17 Litres Solo Microwave Oven with Mechanical Knob

  1. This Bajaj microwave is suited for cooking, reheating and defrosting food.
  2. It has a timer facility, user can set the particular time for cooking.
  3. This microwave controlled by the jog dials which is easy to use and long lasting.
  4. Another unique feature is ‘cooking complete alarm’; user can set alarm as per the require cooking time.
  5. User can choose the different level of power for cooking. It has 5 different level of power to control the temperature as per the cooking requirement.
  6. It consumes 1200 watts power.
  7. This 17 litres microwave is suitable for medium sized families and bachelors.
  8. 1 year warranty on product and magnetron also.


Bajaj is one of the most trusted consumer electronics brand in India. Bajaj is renowned for its range from kitchen appliances to small appliances. The inclusion of smart technologies helps its products in terms of functionality and make user friendly.
With this 17 litres Bajaj microwave oven user can control the cooking time with ease, it comes up with features like smart timer (30/60 minutes). It has multi stage cooking process which means temperature can be controlled as per the cooking requirement.
Bajaj is providing one of the best operational simplicity microwave oven. It heats up the food without making it soggy and retain the colour and original form. In current busy life microwave oven has a big role to play so choose the Bajaj microwave oven and change the way of cook for forever.


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