Milton SmartElectric Hotpot App Enabled CasseroleThe Milton smart hotpot app enabled casserole is one of the best and exclusive product of 2020.

This smart hotpot definitely eliminates the older version of hotpots which is easily available in the market, the smart hotpot undoubtedly is a game changer for our customer.

For the very first time the team of TopBestBuying is showcasing the exclusive and the very new electric based smart hotpot which runs through an app.

The Milton smart hotpot has a very unique way to promote the product as the product runs through an application the company quotes App to Appetite as their poster and advertisement line.

Smart Hotpot for smarter Lifestyle as they say, this electric smart hotpot comes in two different categories one with 2.45ltrs another one comes with 1.45ltrs and the company also offers different variety of colours which are black, beige, brown, maroon.

What makes it a smart hotpot?

The electric smart hotpotis very easy to operate as all the necessary information and instruction are given, the smart hotpot heats the food which is insidethe casserole and takes around 30 min to heat.

Milton SmartElectric Hotpot App Enabled CasseroleAs we have mentioned earlier it is totally based on app enabled heating and user friendly, the smart hotpot has a welcome home mode which is a game changer in its self.

The electric smart hotpot does not require minimum radius to operate. One can definitely set a timer/scheduler for their food which is stored inside the smart hotpot. The electric smart hotpot has a temperature retention of 90 minutes which is commendable.

The smart casserole is also compatible with voice assistants. The team of TopBestBuying is going to project all the critical specs and features under please do check.

Milton Smart Electric Hotpot App Enabled Casserole, 2.45 Litre


  1. The electric Milton smart hotpot is one of the first casserole/tiffin that allows one to heat the food inside via smartphone application.
  2. The smart casserole needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network and initiate heating, irrespective of the distance.
  3. The smart hotpot helps in scheduling the heat for the food inside as per one’s convenience.
  4. The smart casserole has a very unique feature that actually sense one’s geographical location and starts to warm the food before one’s arrival.
  5. The electric smart hotpot heats the food in 30 min.
  6. The smart casserole has a thermostat feature which definitely prevents the food from overheating and also turns off automatically once done.
  7. The smart hotpot app is well matched with mobile also like Alexa and google assistant.
  8. The electric smart hotpot comes with pressure vacuum lid containers.
  9. The smart casserole is 100 percent leak & spill-proof.



Why do we need the Milton Smart Hotpot?

The Milton smart casserole is rare to find in the market as it is an exclusive product of 2020 a high demand in the market is observed, from here the team of TopBestBuying is putting all the efforts to make the product available for our customers.

The state of the art casserole allows one to warm the food through a user friendly app. A craving of a warm meal is what people are looking in today’s busy lifestyle- so there is nothing to worry about a warm meal as Milton smart hotpot is a life saviour.

While working in office or also in home you are just one step behind form warming up your stored food in the casserole, it was never been so easy to just plug in and have your food within 30min.

The Wi-Fi connection is necessary and then let the app do the rest of the work. If somebody is in hurry always then he/she can schedule heating time according to their convenience via app.

The electric smart hotpot has a plastic body and the inner body is fully stainless steel which is a great combination of both plastic and steel.

The smart casserole comeswith two different categories one with 2.45 ltrs another one comes with 1.45 ltrs and the company also offers different variety of colours which are black, beige, brown, maroon.

Dishes that can be kept warm in a Milton Smart Hotpot-

The Milton smart casserole has a lot to offer in terms of storing of food. The smart casserole outer body is made with plastic and the inner body is made with stainless steel which is an ideal combination for storing a particular dish. Dishes that can be stored and are kept warm – chapatti, parathas, dry sabzi, dal, idli etc.

Few product related details-

  • The smart casserole product dimensions – 33.2 x 27.4 x 17.6 cm; 1.70Kg.
  • Manufacturer – Hamilton houseware Pvt. ltd.
  • Size of the smart casserole – 2.45ltr
  • Colour – black.
  • Product type – casserole.
  • Country of origin- India


  • Plug the smart hotpot to the power supply.
  • Download the Milton app from play store or visit the official website of Milton.
  • Scan the QR code which is printed inside the tiffin box and register the user details.
  • Manage the network settings in the application.
  • Connect the Wi-Fi network with user details.
  • Press the power button for 5 seconds and the Wi-Fi indicator will flash, which means device is ready to pair.
  • Then connect the phone to the device warmer from phone’s Wi-Fi settings.
  • Now phone is connected to the Smart hotpot.
  • Now you are good to go.

Before calling it a warp……

Our team has put a lot of effort in featuring the best products and in a unique way to fulfil everybody’s need and desire. As per the expert’s choice the Milton Smart hotpot is an exclusive product of 2020 and it is quite affordable, pocket friendly at the same time, better not to miss out and grab this exclusive item. The team of TopBestBuying has handpick the product for our customers and projected all the necessary information and features in our blog.

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